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Biblical understanding about Israel

Our mission is to bring Biblical understanding in the Church and among the nations concerning God's purposes for Israel and to promote comfort of Israel through prayer and action.

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Making aliyah easily attainable
January 11, 2017

A cold and icy fourth of December 2016 was marked by another important step toward making aliyah easily attainable. That day about 2,500 Jewish people came from different corners of Ukraine to consult various aliyah organizations. These organizations have enough expertise and willingness to answer each and every burning question potential repatriates may have. The Jewish Agency or “Sochnut” in Hebrew hosted this event as usual, providing booths for municipalities of different cities, educational institutions, student summer camps and tours as well as employers.

An urgent call to prayer on behalf of Israel
January 10, 2017

These are momentous times for Israel and the Jewish people. On 23rd December 2016, the UN Security Council condemned all Jews living in the old city of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria as “illegal”. In a speech just a few days later, U.S. Secretary of State Kerry’s speech again condemned Jewish “settlements” and called on the international community to divide the land of Israel and ensure the creation of new State of Palestine with its capital in Jerusalem. This Palestinian State is apparently going to solve the Israel/Palestine conflict and usher in world peace and security.

In the darkest time of the winter – Hanukkah is coming!
January 5, 2017

In five regions of Israel First Home is preparing for the big celebration! For some olim it's the first Hanukkah in their life! Many of them only learn what this holiday means for us and why it's called Festival of Lights. The most important participants of every celebration are children. They prepare candles, receive Hanukkah Geld (symbolic money as a gift for kids in Hanukkah), learn songs and tradition of the feast.

Christians for Israel denounces UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements
December 24, 2016

Yesterday, Friday 23 December 2016, the United Nations Security Council convening in New York passed a resolution condemning Israel's establishment of "settlements" in Jerusalem, Judea or Samaria since 1967 as "flagrant violation of international law". Fourteen of the fifteen Security Council members voted for the resolution. It is the first time the U.S., which abstained, has not used its veto right to block such a resolution.

In which God do you believe, granny?
December 23, 2016

"Don't tell anyone that you're Jewish" – Evgenia’s grandmother repeated over and over again. The old lady that went through pogroms and the Holocaust didn't want her grandchild to suffer so she chose the tactic of silence. "I remember my granny praying. She never told me anything about it, her lips were moving, her look was directed inwards. Once I asked her – in which G-d do you believe, granny? In the Jewish G-d, she answered quietly".

Half of Ukrainians have no money for heat and electricity
December 22, 2016

Winter has arrived in Ukraine. The situation is distressing. Half of the Ukrainians are unable to pay their heat and electricity bills. For this reason, our food packages are needed even more. We started getting snow by the end of October and since then, the winter weather has continued with temperatures dropping down to minus twelve degrees centigrade at night.

The Menorah of 5777
December 14, 2016

Is Chanukah the festival of religious freedom, as it’s often claimed to be? The answer is both a hesitant yes and a clear no! Of course I realise that I will gain popularity when I clearly and publicly state that the menorah announces a message of tolerance, religious freedom or even better: freedom of expression. However, this message would partly contradict the essence of Chanukah.

Christians for Israel organises ground-breaking meeting in synagogue in Turin
December 12, 2016

Our ministry Cristiani per Israele in Italy is growing steadily, thanks to the amazing effort of Chairwoman Edda Fogarollo and her team. Edda speaks regularly at conferences, and teaches holocaust studies at universities in Naples and Calabria. “Understanding the past in order to build a better Future” was the theme of the meeting held in the synagogue of Turin, Italy, on Sunday, 30th October 2016. A good number of members of the Jewish community gave a warm welcome to the organizers of Christians for Israel Italy, thanking C4I Italy for the significant support and work is doing in Italy for Israel and the Jewish communities.

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